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 YMCA Planned Giving

The history of the YMCA is rich with support from members, volunteers, caring individuals, local families, area businesses and philanthropic organizations. The YMCA’s numerous capital initiatives and pledge to not deny an individual or familiy services to due to an inability to pay are made possible by this generousity. It is this hsitory of support that sustains the GLOW YMCA, assuring its presence and benefits for generations to come.


Gifts made to the GLOW YMCA Endowment Fund can be directed towards the development, construction and or maintenance of a YMCA facility, create revenue support for critical programs or help develop a YMCA initiative that is important to an individual donor.  The endowment fund is a way for individuals, families and corporations to “pay forward” making sure future generations have a solid foundation upon which to grow. 


For more information about YMCA Planned Giving contact Rob Walker, CEO of the GLOW YMCA.