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“ We had only one thing in mind and that was to bind our little company together in order that we might the better lead our comrades to Christ, and in order that we might share with one another our personal experience of  Christ.” 

  ~George Williams - Founder of the YMCA~




WHAT IS IT?  -  A time for youth to come together and enjoy an evening of praise, worship and prayer followed by gym games, swimming, wii etc.

 FREE to ages 10 and up

 WHERE IS IT? Wyoming County YMCA & Genesee County YMCA 

 WHY? To promote Christian fellowship of our youth across denominations in the Genesee, Livingston and Wyoming County regions.

 What Time:

            Genesee County Y - Fall 2017 (Date TBA)

            Wyoming County Y - Fall 2017 (Date TBA)








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